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Bella’s Story

My name is Brandy Smith and I brought my 3 year old daughter, Bella,  to Dr. B with a severe ear infection.  It was her 3rd ear infection in less than 2 months and I was just not happy with the results of antibiotics.

I brought Bella to Dr. B on a Friday with high fever and severe pain in her left ear.  I am not sure of all the correct terminology but he took a tool of his and did his magic.  He pulled on her ear to help get the fluid to drain.

He told us to come back in on Monday and he would do it again.

By Friday night Bella’s ear was already draining and I could see the pain just disappear.  She finally felt relief.  I am a mother of 3 and to see my children in pain is by far the worst feeling.  We went back to Dr. B and he adjusted Bella again and by the middle of the week Bella was back to her cheerful self.

Bella has not had an ear infection since March 2013.  If you could look at Bella’s medical history that is a miracle.  Bella had to have her first set of tubes put in when she was only 6 months old.  We have been battling ear infections pretty much her whole life.  So for her to go this long without an ear infection is miraculous.

I have two other children, 6 year old and at the time we started a 3 month old.  I decided to go ahead and start my whole family in getting weekly adjustments.  My 3 month who is now almost a year old has never had an ear infection.  I believe it is the adjustments that help to keep him healthy.  My 6 year old who also has suffered from ear infections has been healthier than ever.

All of my children are sleeping better and when they do catch a cold or an illness they are quick to bounce back.

At the time when I brought Bella in to see Dr. B I was out of options.  I did not know what else to do for my little girl.  I only wish I would have brought her in sooner.               -Brandy Smith

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