Your Structure is Your Strength | Braddock Chiropractic


Imagine an empty coke can. A perfect round cylinder that is amazingly STRONG!

Did you know an empty coke can can hold 116 lbs of pressure before buckling?

Isn't it amazing that an empty can that weighs only half an ounce can hold up to 116 lbs!

The reason the can is so strong is because it's structure. Imagine taking that some can and putting the slightest dent in the side of it.

How many pounds do you think it will be able to hold up now? Almost none! Once the structure has bee compromised all the strength is GONE!

In our office we put so much focus on spinal structure for this very reason. Once the structure is jeopardized things begin to collapse and your nervous system becomes compromised.

Poor posture is more than just looks, it's evidence of weak spinal structure and an indicator of an unhealthy nervous system. #getadjusted


The more I come to understand
the grace of god the more I
realize that it’s the only
important thing. We Christians are
awfully guilty of adding a (plus) to
the gospel and boasting about the
things we do almost as if we earned
our salvation when in fact it was all
grace. It was by god’s grace we have
been saved, not by anything we
have or haven’t done. When I see
what is going on in the world right
now I tend to see many Christians
throwing stones and blasting
condemnation as if they are
sitting on the throne. It is
important for us to remember we
were saved by grace. When we
absolutely didn’t deserve it,
Christ died for us. Remember to
show some grace to someone today
not because they deserve it but
because we didn’t either!

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