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For many, a trip to the chiropractor in Anna, Tx is uncharted waters and they may not know what to expect. Here at Braddock Chiropractic & Family Wellness serving Anna, Van Alstyne, Melissa, Howe, & Gunter we have put together a list of the top 3 things you will want to keep in mind when making a chiropractic appointment.

Read Reviews:
It’s a fact. Not all chiropractors are created equal. Different doctors do different things and you will want to make sure you are in the right type of office. Popping over to Google and reading Google reviews is a safe way to get a little more knowledge of what to expect from the office and hear other people’s experiences. Good & bad.

X-rays Are A Must:
You never want to go to a chiropractor who doesn’t do a thorough exam and X-rays before deciding on how best to treat you. The X-rays are a pivotal component in knowing EXACTLY what’s going on with you and how best to get you better FAST! Here at Braddock Chiropractic we take knowing all the details very serious and it’s part of the reason we get such great results for patients in Anna, Van Alstyne, Melissa, Howe, & Gunter.

Don’t Expect A Miracle In One Visit:
The fact is, if you are determined to have a spinal subluxation (misalignment in your spine putting pressure on your nerves) correcting it is a process. You may feel better quickly but actually correcting the issues is paramount. At Braddock Chiropractic we strive to actually correct the CAUSE of the problem rather than just trying to adjust away the symptoms and we take a post X-ray to actually SEE the results that you feel!

So if you are considering seeing a chiropractor for neck pain, low back pain, disc problems, headaches & migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, muscle spasm or any other musculoskeltal condition we hope these three tips come in handy. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Anna, Tx, Van Alstyne, Melissa, Howe, & Gunter or anywhere in Collin county or Grayson county,Tx. we invite you to come check us out at Braddock Chiropractic!