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I came across a newspaper article from the 1930’s and I was totally intrigued by the topic. …. HOW TO TRAIN ELEPHANTS!!


Apparently training elephants begins at an early age. Trainers will drive a stake deep into the ground and attach a heavy chain to one of the baby elephant’s hind legs.(O.K…Grab a tissue ladies.)

The baby elephant spends days, sometimes weeks collapsing in exhaustion trying to break free from the heavy chain. It learns no matter how hard it pulls nor how loud it cries, its distance from the stake will never change. It proves to be a powerful lesson.


As the baby elephant becomes an adult the only thing required to stop it dead in its tracks is aSMALL THIN ROPE!The giant elephant could easily pull the entire circus down but the old heavy chain, existing only its mind, keeps the elephant in place.

This article made me think of the chains in our lives that limit our potential. One chain I love seeing people break free from is theirchained health!People have been taught that health is by chance or by luck, and that sickness and disease comes from bad genes, bad bugs, or bad luck.


As a result they become chained to a person in a white coat for health, chained to a prescription bottle for health, chained to many vaccinations for health, and chained to believe that health comes from the outside in,INSTEAD OF FROM WITHIN….


YourGOD-givenhealth and yourGOD-givenability to heal is farGREATERthan anyone has ever led you to believe! At Braddock Chiropractic our goal is to help you unleash your healing potential through a very specific form of chiropractic and we have been helping families from Van Alstyne, Anna, Melissa, Howe, Gunter and more break their chains and live happier, healthier lives.

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