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How did we end up in Van Alstyne???
I had someone ask the question last week so I thought I would share how it is that Braddock Chiropractic ended up in Van Alstyne.
For those that don’t know, I was born and raised in Van Alstyne and as much as I loved it, I had NO intentions of coming back here to practice.
About 1 year into chiropractic college I received a call from a family friend named Mike Hamill.  He let me know that he had plans to open a new gym in Van Alstyne and had an open office space next to it that he wanted ME to open an office there.
I let him know that, unfortunately, I still had a little over 2 years of school left. Mike was quick to say that he didn’t care and it would be waiting on me to graduate.
I drove up and looked at the space that weekend and it was a disaster zone. Basically, it was full of old boards, rotting sheet rock and dust.  BUT….it was going to be MINE!
I came up every weekend that I had a chance and stood in that dusty old building and imagined what it would be like.  I pictured families coming in and out of the door laughing and smiling.  I pictured people finding hope and sick people getting well.
On October 10, 2005 Amy and I opened our doors on a shoe string budget and a lot of blood, sweat and tears and began seeing that dream come true.  Our office grew quickly and after a few years we had totally out grown the space.  We needed more room!
It just so happens that Mike had another office space come available on the OTHER side of the gym and the new build out began.  We were able to double our square footage and for over 5 years we have been serving families out of the office you are in today.  (we used to be 2 doors down).
At the end of the day, we realized just how much God had been looking out for us. He brought us to the exact place He wanted us and He has continually made a way for us and continues to bless us.  I want to thank you for being a part of that blessing and for being part of our lives for these last 12 years!