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As we celebrate 10 years of service here at Braddock Chiropractic I thought I would share the story of how I came to be a chiropractor in the first place.

I was a sophomore in high school and it was two-a-days in August. I made a big tackle in practice and felt a sharp pain in my back. I thought it was just a stinger but after about 20 minutes I realized it wasn’t going away and the pain was getting worse.

I come from a very “traditional” family so we took all the “traditional” measures. I saw our family doctor and got anti-inflammatories & muscle relaxers. I saw the trainer and did all the ice and heat and stretching and the physical therapist with the e-stim and ultrasound.

After a week I wasn’t any better and I was missing practice!

At this point in the story it is important to note that my 2nd cousin is a chiropractor. Now, my family was an “anti-chiropractic” family. We didn’t know why but we knew it “wasn’t for us”. My cousin heard through the family grapevine that I was hurt and he called my parents. He pretty much shamed them in to brining me to his office in Frisco and letting him take a look. With no great excuse not to, my parents took me to him and let him do an exam and x-rays. After the x-rays I remember sitting there wondering why on earth no one had been able to show us the problem up to this point!

That Friday night I played football and on the third visit to his office I made a decision. I remember leaving the office and getting in the car and looking at my mom. I said “I think that is what I am going to do with my life. I am going to be a chiropractor.”

Every time I had been in his office it was full of families who were happy. There was music and laughter and people happy to be there. Very different than any medical office I had ever been in!

5 years later I left for chiropractic college with the goal of helping people with “back pain”. Little did I know that back pain has little to do with chiropractic! Now I sit her 10 years after graduation with a practice full of people who braddock-chiropractic-in-anna-tx

A friend of mine shared something cool with me at church yesterday and it is something that really made me think so I thought I would share it with you.

We were discussing prayer and contrasting how we actually pray vs how would probably pray if God were sitting in the chair next to us. Quite different! (for me at least)

I was saying how sometimes I feel like I am just “going through the motions” and thanking God for the beautiful weather, the food, my family, etc.

Rich brought up SO THAT. He said he had heard recently by a pastor talking on prayer that whatever you pray to God make sure you can add a SO THAT at the end to keep it kingdom focused.

For instance…

“Dear God, thank you for the friends that you have given me SO THAT I may be a blessing to them and share your love for them.”

“Lord thank you for this food SO THAT I may be healthy and able to do your work.” “God, give me patients with others SO THAT I can be more understanding and show

your love to others.”

I found this to be a really cool tip and I hope it helps you as much as it does me.