The doorknob stopper and how it could be holding you back.

KEEPING THE ELEPHANTS AWAY -Written by patient Patti Hanni

A man was sitting on a park bench shredding old newspapers and spreading them around. “What are you doing?” asked a bystander. “I am spreading this paper around to keep the elephants away.” The visitor looked around the well-kept city park. “I do not see any elephants,” he said. The man smiled. “Works pretty good, doesn’t it.” he replied. Worry is like that. We expend a lot of energy on problems that do not exist. Yes, we all face real problems, but we often create additional ones by thinking of all the bad things that might happen but never do. One of the great challenges for worriers is to turn every care into a prayer and then to stop there, leaving it with God. Some people find this difficult to do, perhaps because they are pessimistic or sensitive by nature. But there is hope! Learning takes time. It is a process marked by trial and error, and by perseverance. What we put into our mind determines what comes out in our words and actions. Examine what you are putting into your mind through television, books, conversations, movies, and magazines. Replace harmful input with wholesome material. Aren’t you glad that our teacher, the Lord Jesus, is patient with us- even when we tear up papers and spread them around? Worry is carrying a burden that God never intended us to bear.


I was visiting with a doctor friend of mine last week and he told me his son just turned 16 and he bought him a car It’s a Land Rover with 260.000 miles on it and then

smiling, he told me his brilliant idea. He said he went to Home depot after he bought it and bought a door knob stopper like the one above and put it under the gas pedal. No one knows it’s there but him. He said the vehicle tops out at 70 mph now and the best part is his son has never driven the car without it so he has no idea. The son just thinks that 70 mph is normal. I wonder how many people have something just like this door knob stopper that is preventing them from pushing the pedal all the way down on their health? So many people have just gotten used to “slow lane” health and feeling bad… or at least not good. Subluxation (fixations in your spine) block the nerve pathways your body uses to heal and function. 


The most common statement we hear patients make is this:


 “I didn’t know how bad I felt until. I started feeling good again!”


Today’s adjustment was focused on getting your spine moving better and relieving nerve interference so you can push the pedal of your health all the way down!