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Did you know that if you calculate all the men’s and women’s shoe size in the United States and take the average that the “average” shoe size is a size 9? It’s true.

This is where it becomes important for us to understand the difference in AVERAGE and NORMAL.

If your foot is a size 11 you may not be considered “average” but that doesn’t mean you are not normal. What if we became overly concerned with everyone being “average” when it comes to shoe size and anyone who wasn’t “average” got “treatment”?

Imagine having a size 11 and going to the doctor only to learnthat having your toes chopped off was necessary to get your “numbers” right. Just a little off the toes and we can squeeze you into a 9 before you know it.

Sound crazy? I think so!

While numbers can give us a good range and help in judging whether or not we are healthy in certain areas trying to conform everyone into a small box we consider “normal” by any means necessary is not smart and not healthy.

It’s crazy that every year the U.S. prescribes MORE blood pressure and cholesterol meds than the year before and every year we seem to have MORE heart attacks and strokes than the year before.

Let’s focus on being the very best version of a healthy YOU!

God Bless,




Dr. Braddock